This is Halloween… Part 7. Dinner is served!

As we usually host parties – we are fanatic about making spooky or Halloween themed food. Now, let me just say, I have a weak stomach and a rather vivid imaginations, so I am not a fan of eating anything that looks too real (we don’t do brains, skin, etc), but I love a bit of themed food.

Halloween Food -
Rolled Halloween Sugar Cookies, Monster Macaroni and Cheese, Dracula Bolognese and Halloween Eggs on Avo Toast

During the week (D is on half term) we made Halloween cookies – we made bats, cats and spiders. We got the cool cookie cutters from a competition hosted by Mo’s Cookies, last Halloween.

We used this Rolled Iced Cookies recipe from +BBC Good Food – the boys had great fun cutting out the shapes. We took these along to a friends’ house to do some decorating, after an awesome Spooky Tea Party.

On Friday night, we decided to have a bolognese (with a Halloween spin) – however our children were not too thrilled about our creative finesse. I felt quite insulted, as I think thought that Dracula was very cute. Fortunately it was more that he wasn’t a fan of Babybel cheese and olives. Phew! 😉

I love making pasta sauces because I can always sneak loads of veggies into the sauce without anyone noticing and it tastes amazing – our bolognese sauce had tinned tomato, celery, carrot and pepper. I puree them before mixing it into the mince.

Last night we had baked macaroni and cheese. I had wanted to cut pumpkins out of carrots and tomatoes however my husband decided that he would rather turn it into a monster. It was a lot less work and the boys weren’t bothered by this scary face. I think because it had melted.

This morning we had avo toast (my favourite) with a fried egg made with the Halloween cookie cutters – poor Spider lost a few legs. But they were a huge hit and hubby said that they were egg-cellent! Oh dear! #dadjoke

At previous parties – we have made witches fingers using a cookie recipe and rolling them into finger shapes. We then cut lines along the fingers for knuckles and used sliced almonds as fingernails. They looked amazing and tasted really good too.


Witches Fingers Cookies -
Witches Finger Cookies
We also made a delicious red wine sangria and decorated it with strawberry laces and fake eye balls. We love a cocktail (my husband and I met in a cocktail bar – yes, people always sing the song when we tell them the story!) – so always try to have some kind of cocktail at our parties. I really need to throw another Halloween party next year!!!


Spooky Sangria -
Spooky Sangria

Some of these other ‘delicacies’ at our parties. I don’t have decent photos, so I have compiled a little collage (crediting their original sources). We also love making hot dog mummies. the ‘getting sick’ pumpkin, Jack O’Lantern burgers, jam hand sandwiches, hot dog fingers in a bun, banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins.

Halloween Food Ideas -
Witches Hats, Mummy Pizzas, Mummy Oreo Pops, Cream Cheese Bone with Crackers and Sweet Chilli Sauce

There are so many recipes that I have seen that I really want to try next year – people have such fantastic ideas. And this Halloween series has made me realise how much I love hosting Halloween parties – definitely need to do one next year.

Thank you for following my Halloween fun – hope that you will continue to read my stories.

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Did you know? Halloween sweet and chocolate sales have surpassed those of Valentines Day; as such, Halloween is now believed to be the ‘sweetest’ holiday of the year.

Happy Halloween!

Kalli x


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